Sarah Vandella - Tech Support Helped Me!

Updated: September 5th, 2014


Sarah Vandella gets to play out peoples' fantasies all the time. The best part about that is, it's basically all play: someone tells me a story, then I pretend to be someone in that story, and then I get fucked! In this one, I get confused about something on my computer, so John E. Depth makes a house call as my computer tech support nerd... a nerd with a huge dick! Get ready for 24 hardcore minutes of interracial action!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, John E. Depth

Length: 00:24:19

Sarah Vandella - Sit On Your Face? Ha!

Updated: August 22nd, 2014


Sarah Vandella has something red hot, just for you sissy men who get off on being humiliated! Me and a hot brunette friend both put on pantyhose and took turns sitting on a guy's face while his hands were tied behind his back - he couldn't do anything! He got so red faced wanting to eat us out! Next, we were grinding on his cock through his jeans, and finally, we sat naked on his face, but not in a very nice way!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:07:36

Sarah Vandella Masturbating - A Snail's Eye View

Updated: August 8th, 2014


Sarah Vandella has been dying to show you some new, soft lovelies from my closet - are you ready for pantyhose and some very touchable lingerie? After I pull my big breasts out and stare you down, you can watch from the floor while I do what my pussy needs - besides turning you on! This is going to take both hands, so enjoy the snail's eye view while I masturbate!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:04:51