Sarah Vandella and Siri - Nice Distraction, Though

Updated: June 27th, 2014


Sarah Vandella fans, Siri is here to be my muse, to keep exercising. Do you want to see how well that's working out? I'll give you a hint - sex is exercise, and that's the only reason this whole thing's not a boob! I mean a breast! I MEAN A BUST! Well, you won't need to guess where my mind gues when Siri is staring at my ass like that...

Starring: Siri, Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:20:22

Sarah Vandella Gets Overwhelmed By Jessica Jaymes

Updated: June 13th, 2014


Sarah Vandella fans, I can forgive you if you aren't completely familiar with the sound or the sight you will experience at the end of this video. All I can say is that I'm as surprised as you are... but Jessica Jaymes reduced me to a puddle so horny and wet and happy that I can't even explain those happy little sounds I was making, or the way my face was shaking and my eyes were begging... I know I'm usually much harder than that, but ...just... wow!

Starring: Jessica Jaymes , Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:14:41

Sarah Vandella Gets You Off

Updated: May 30th, 2014


Sarah Vandella fans, I love knowing you get off thinking about me, so I made this video for the guys for a little extra special thrill. Think of it as my thanks for your horny loyalty... now imagine you can lay back and stare directly through your legs at me. I'm about to jack you off, and I don't care if I have to go through a whole bottle of lube in order to get you off!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:12:00