Sarah Vandella, Hot Like Wildfire

Updated: March 3rd, 2013


Sarah Vandella fans, you know those special days where I'm not just horny, I'm so ready for action that I'm totally out of sorts? Get ready for a hot video. Today you get 9 minutes of watching me completely engrossed in how much my body wants sex. I could imagine anything that came to mind, while they were shooting this... my imagination was on fire, and my clit was tingling like you wouldn't believe...

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:09:14

Sarah Vandella and Aleksa Nicole Keeping Warm

Updated: February 21st, 2013


Sarah Vandella and Aleksa Nicole got left waiting in a room for sex one day for a whole ten minutes... can you picture us being that patient? I don't think so... but Aleksa noticed the camera was on, so we just decided we'd do whatever we wanted... meaning, play time is on! The guys were off set taking care of business, so we ladies got out our toys and kept our pussies warm and wet...

Starring: Aleksa Nicole, Sarah Vandella

Length: 00:10:42

Sarah Vandella and Aleksa Nicole - Hot Wet Weekend!

Updated: February 9th, 2013


Sarah Vandella and Aleksa Nicole just couldn't stop ourselves, in today's 19 minute threesome. We didn't care whether we were sucking his cock, groping his balls, or kissing each other and playing with another sexy pornstar's big tits, which were swinging everywhere by the way… It was all good, believe us! We spent the night getting fucked from behind, sucking each other, and watching it go in! What a hot start to a winter weekend!

Starring: Aleksa Nicole, Sarah Vandella, Ralph Long

Length: 00:19:42