Sarah Vandella is After More than a Scoop

Updated: December 26th, 2014


Sarah Vandella here to play a sexy sports reporter with a lead on a big, huge story... okay, actually let me be honest, because by a lead on a huge story, what I really mean is, a lead on a huge dick! I follow him into the locker room and even stick around while he takes a shower, because that's my chance to get what I'm really after - that huge dick in my mouth, and a chance to swallow his cum!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

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Sarah Vandella - It's Time for Dirty Thoughts

Updated: December 19th, 2014


Sarah Vandella is here, and my tits are ready to play peek a boo! Are you? It's time to cut loose! This skirt and top looked great all day, but as good as they make me look, when I'm thrusting my shoulders back and my big breasts forward, the clothes have got to go! I'm ready to get naked and crawl the walls... look deep into my eyes, after I get naked and start to play, and maybe you'll be able to see a few of my dirty ideas!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

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Sarah Vandella Stays Fucking Fit

Updated: September 25th, 2014


Sarah Vandella is back, and my bikini body is hotter than ever! I've been working out all summer, because let's face it... the benefits of being fit are amazing! I never run out of sexy people who want to take me to bed... and all that attention just makes me stay so horny, all day, every day! Good thing my pussy loves its toys and its fans... it's good to be a pornstar!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

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