Sarah Vandella - Fingers and Wet Spots

Updated: December 30th, 2012


Sarah Vandella is back in the saddle... or should I say the hot seat... or maybe the wet seat! Whatever you call it, I'm about to let you peek up my pink dress and then sit down to have a good time with my pussy, in today's set of 85 photos. It isn't long before I'm buck naked and reaching for my toys, while the camera takes in everything I want to give. What can I say, my hands felt like roaming!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 85

Sarah Vandella Sharing a Blowjob Split

Updated: December 16th, 2012


Sarah Vandella fans, wanna watch me deep throating a guy while Aleksa and Ava wait on standby in case I gag? We three pornstars are still having as much fun as we can this winter, as you'll see in this set of 85 blowjob photos. It's the awesome threesome of sudden sex... they said we wouldn't get Ava back in our bed after how active she's been, but as you can see she and Aleksa are there for me... or maybe just to suck some cock!

Starring: Aleksa Nicole, Ava Adams , Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 85

Sarah Vandella - Horny Threesome with My Ladies

Updated: November 29th, 2012


Sarah Vandella fans, I'm here with Ava Adams and Aleksa Nicole in one of my favorite places on earth, for this set of 118 photos. My favorite pornstar girlfriends join me in my bed, where we drag our fingernails, fingertips, lips and tongues across each other, for a threesome so pleasureful we can barely stand it! Ladies, if you ever thought someone was about to swallow your clit, you know what I'm talking about!

Starring: Aleksa Nicole, Ava Adams , Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 118