Sarah Vandella Takes It All Off

Updated: April 21st, 2013


Sarah Vandella fans, have you missed these tits? Did you know that my tits miss your attention, on some days, when I'm not in front of the camera? I had to dip in and show off a bit, so I hope you like these 41 photos. I love this bikini, because from certain angles, it almost looks like something you could wear almost anywhere... daisy dukes and tied-up denim is normal, right? Anyway, all bikinis look alike after I take them off!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 41

Sarah Vandella and Kelly Divine - Threesome Fever

Updated: April 16th, 2013


Sarah Vandella, and Kelly Divine, and … ooh, that's a lot of and's! That's right, fans - Kelly and I are going to share a man, and you get to watch! This set of 65 gonzo photos starts with Ralph laying back and enjoying the show, watching two pornstars give him a blowjob at once. Then I climb on top of him to fuck... and then this threesome sort of becomes an orgasmic blur!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Kelly Divine, Ralph Long

Pictures: 65

Sarah Vandella Gets Riled Up and Wet

Updated: April 11th, 2013


Sarah Vandella fans, sometimes being a pornstar is downright surreal... and this set of photos shows you just what I mean. There can be so much sexual tension on the set during a shoot... can you see how much I wanted to tear this guy's clothes off and ride his cock? I wanted him pretty badly... and you fans know, when I want to get fucked, I'm usually willing to do whatever it takes to get it...

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 30