Sarah Vandella Stays Fucking Fit

Updated: September 25th, 2014


Sarah Vandella is back, and my bikini body is hotter than ever! I've been working out all summer, because let's face it... the benefits of being fit are amazing! I never run out of sexy people who want to take me to bed... and all that attention just makes me stay so horny, all day, every day! Good thing my pussy loves its toys and its fans... it's good to be a pornstar!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 78

Sarah Vandella - Bikinis are Fun!

Updated: September 18th, 2014


Sarah Vandella is here to show you all what a bikini is supposed to look like! Let's face it, ladies get to be almost completely naked in public anytime we want to be... so rule one is to wear it like you want people to enjoy the show, and rule two is to make sure you're getting off on the attention! John E. Depth made a cameo appearance for a drive by groping, and that got me horny enough to finish the shoot naked!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, John E. Depth

Pictures: 53

Sarah Vandella and a Special Friend

Updated: September 12th, 2014


Sarah Vandella has a secret bosom buddy who's here to play around and take some naughty photos with me - do you want to peek? Here come 79 photos with us wearing only fish net pantyhose, and only for as long as it takes until having our pussies kissed through the fish nets, makes us want to take them off! It's always fun to take the rough with the smooth!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 79