Sarah Vandella Seduced by Nina Hartley and a Man

Updated: January 13th, 2015


Nina Hartley laid Sarah Vandella back on top of a man, and the two of them made me feel amazing! Here we have 48 photos, starring two pornstars in pantyhose that go all the way up to our necks, plus a guy who has the privilege of being very comfortable to lay back on. It was sensual enough to make me leave a wet spot on the couch, even though it was all light touches and teasing!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley

Pictures: 48

Sarah Vandella and Nina Hartley - Blondes' Black Blowjob Blowout!

Updated: December 30th, 2014


Sarah Vandella fans, Nina Hartley and I are on these black dicks like wrapping on presents - I know I'm wrapping myself on one, and not letting go! Here comes two blowjobs at once, in this special set of 39 photos. Two pornstars are always better than one, especially when there's two firm shafts we can drag our lips up and down, and two bulging scrotums to hold and coax into cumming!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley

Pictures: 39

Sarah Vandella is After More than a Scoop

Updated: December 26th, 2014


Sarah Vandella here to play a sexy sports reporter with a lead on a big, huge story... okay, actually let me be honest, because by a lead on a huge story, what I really mean is, a lead on a huge dick! I follow him into the locker room and even stick around while he takes a shower, because that's my chance to get what I'm really after - that huge dick in my mouth, and a chance to swallow his cum!

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Pictures: 84